The Mosie Baby Kit for At-Home Insemination

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If intercourse has gotten stressful, isn't working, or isn't even an option - try Mosie, the first and only FDA Cleared at-home intravaginal insemination kit with a slit opening. Designed by women with insight from a fertility specialist, Mosie is the first over-the-counter patented syringe designed specifically for at-home insemination. Each Mosie Baby Kit includes 2 Patented Mosie Insemination Syringes and 2 Mosie Semen Collection Cups that arrive ready to use with supportive instructions. 

Since 2015, Mosie has helped over 100,000 families inseminate from the comfort of their own home. The prescription-free Mosie Syringe for at home insemination features a patented nub tip with a unique slit opening that provides a deeper, wider spray. Mosie fits perfectly in the kit's rounded collection cup, optimizing transfer and minimizing waste. It’s an accessible option that is designed to make inseminating at home easy and comfortable.

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