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A Rare Gem at Tribeca for Moms-to- Be and the whole motherhood journey. It's a rare find with a fantastic selection of stylish maternity wear and adorable kids' products. From clothing to gifts, it's my go-to for a baby shower gift or something special for a new mom friend.


Perfect for wedding- I wore it for a fancy work event. It felt elegant and sexy at 37 weeks pregnant. The pockets are the best. I would say it works well with small chested folks.


Very NICE store -I love the clothes and the quality! I’m so grateful I found this amazing store while I was pregnant to stay stylish. Luckily a lot of cloths were still perfect after I gave birth! They also have collections for kids. This is my favorite spot to shop with kiddies together ❤️

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Great fit and transition item from 3rd tri to Post-partum- I loved this dress. I dressed it down for hot days chasing a toddler in the 3rd trimester and dressing it up for dinner out or church. It's nursing friendly, too.

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Best Knits at this price - Their knit styles are so warm and stylish. They don't pile. I pretty much wore this all year round.

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At Emilia George, we believe the caring figures in our lives should be celebrated. From life’s little to large moments, we focus on designing a retail experience that’s thoughtful in every detail. Our curated mix of everyday essentials and occasion-worthy indulgences lifts moms when they need it most. Moms deserve to feel special today— and every day. Whatever the reason, take a joy-filled moment to visit our NYC flagship or browse our online selection.

We’re here to take care of you, because you care.

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