Mom Friendly Sustainable Clothing

Mom Friendly Sustainable Clothing

Whether you have ever experienced pregnancy yourself or know someone close to you who has, chances are you understand how difficult it can be to find luxurious and quality maternity pieces that not only fit well but make you feel beautiful even though your body is changing every day. Now that I am currently well into my nine month of pregnancy, I have found myself reaching for the same few items every day because they are the only pieces that I still feel good in, which can feel a bit boring and tiresome.

Thankfully, Emilia George, a sustainable mom friendly company based out of New York City, understands our pregnancy struggles and has created a line of beautiful pieces to not only dress our bumps but feel good about doing so. One thing that really drew me to Emilia George’s line was how easy it was to mix and match pieces from the collection. While Emilia George proudly describes her line as modern maternity workwear, I find that these pieces work well for the work place AND for everyday life. Take this two piece suit that I am wearing for example. I loved that I could take the blazer, which is BEYOND luxurious and comfortable to wear (helloooooooo confidence!), and wear it with the matching pants (LOVE!) or I could wear it over this beautiful white dress that is made from post-consumer plastic Coca Cola bottles (mind. blown) but feels like the smoothest silk you’ve ever touched. But that’s not all. The true genius behind Emilia George’s collection is that every piece is designed to take your from maternity to postpartum with unique designs that make it simple to breastfeed your little one. All of Emilia George’s materials are OEKO-TEX certified, meaning the fabrics are all safe for nursing infants and are both breathable and cooling to ensure you and your baby’s upmost comfort. As someone who is planning on breast-feeding their baby, this is something that I found truly remarkable, especially since each piece that I tried out feels like pure luxury. Usually, luxe pieces and breast-feeding do not go hand in hand but Emilia George makes it easy to have both!

Pregnancy is not always easy and I have found dressing my bump to be challenging over the course of the last nine months because I felt that luxury pieces were truly missing from the maternity market. Thankfully, brands like Emilia George understand that maternity clothing can be beautiful while making you FEEL your best without sacrificing the luxury component. Plus, my lucky readers can use code Tamryn25 for 25% off your purchase! I am so grateful for brands like Emilia George for paving the way for beautiful maternity clothing that will take you through your pregnancy and right into life with your baby.

By Tamryn Miller

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