OmieLife - OmiePod: 5-Color Kit

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5 Colours


The 30 unit color combo includes: 6 Bubble Pink OmiePod & Utensils 6 Lilac OmiePod & Utensils  6 Sunrise OmiePod & Utensils 6 Mint Green OmiePod & Utensils 6 Capri Blue OmiePod & Utensils OmiePod is the perfect way to carry utensils with OmieBox®! Pod easily loops around OmieBox® handle. Utensils are held securely and will not fall out. A slit in the back lets kids remove/insert utensils easily. It's easy to clean, and eco-friendly. Pod can be looped around backpacks, diaper bags, purses. OmieBoxes & OmiePods with the utensils are SOLD SEPARATELY

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