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  • Optimal Warming System for Breast Milk: Provides safe, even warming of Nanobébé Breastmilk Bottles and Breast Milk Storage Bags with its unique geometry (learn more about the science behind our bottle and warming bowl).
  • Adheres to Highest Medical Guidelines and Standards: Breast milk should be warmed in a bowl of warm water, not via a heating element, to prevent nutrient damage that occurs from overheating.
  • No Electricity, no Batteries: The Breastmilk Warming Bowl is convenient and zero fuss. Just add warm water. This also makes it great for travel.
  • Ideal for Our Breastmilk Bottles: which are perfect for nursing and pumping moms, as they safely and evenly warm 2x faster than other bottles on the market.
  • Baby-Safe: BPA and Phthalate free.

Medical guidelines state that breast milk should only be warmed in a bowl of warm water to prevent overheating and nutrient damage, making our Warming Bowl the optimal warming product for your breastmilk. Its unique shape helps prevent air bubbles from forming beneath your Breastmilk Bottle, which could slow down the warming process. 

Note: if you are using our Flexy Silicone Bottle, we recommend warming your formula or breast milk before putting it into the bottle rather than trying to warm it in the bottle. Silicone is a naturally heat-resistant material and the Flexy Bottle is not designed to work in the Warming Bowl.

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