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2 Tests to Increase Your Pregnancy Chances

Go beyond traditional ovulation tests with Predict & Confirm to both predict AND confirm successful ovulation. Get 2 key fertility hormone & hormone marker tests:

  • Predict: LH tests to identify your 2 most fertile days so you know the best time to try
  • Confirm: FDA-cleared PdG tests to confirm successful ovulation during the implantation window to allow for a higher chance at pregnancy

Includes 15 LH tests and 5 PdG tests. You’ll get the full ovulation picture, including your Proov-exclusive ovulation score. Studies show a high ovulation score can increase pregnancy rates by up to 75%*. Pair your tests with our free Proov Insight companion app to unlock testing reminders, interpret results, and get personalized action plans to help you reach your pregnancy goals faster.

Want a more comprehensive picture of your cycle? Try Complete!

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