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The Hungry Mama is about the same amount of food we had prepped and frozen before our 2nd baby came. Having 2-3 weeks of warming, nutrient-dense, easy-to-digest foods on hand ready to heat and enjoy was our most valuable postpartum asset.  It literally inspired us to start Mama Meals. 

Depending on portion size you get about 12-16 breakfast servings and 20-25 lunch/dinner servings, plus a dozen of our famous Double Chocolate Lactation Brownies and 16 cups of Healing Postpartum Tea!

Organic and pasture-raised ingredients, cooked with love and delivered to your door as low as $12/serving.  Eat your heart our Door Dash...<3

Breakdown (32oz containers):
(2) Shatavari Rice Pudding
(2) Berry Date Oatmeal Congee + Collagen
(2) Creamy Chicken + Rice Congee
(2) Hearty Sausage Stew
(2) Ayurvedic Kitchari
(2) Primal Chili
(2) Traditional Lentil Stew
(2) Vanilla Chai Pancakes
(12) Double Chocolate Lactation Brownies
(1) Healing Postpartum Tea

This is a TON of food, so please read the FAQ article on how much freezer space you'll need.

This package is a great place to start to see what you like best.  Many customers continue to re-order using our Build-a-Box option.

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